Sunpadow Lipo Battery Helped RC Car Athletes Win The 2021 Portuguese National Championship

At the 2021 Portuguese National Vehicle Model Championship that ended on August 1, international top drivers Bruno Coelho (Portugal) and Alexander Hagberg (Sweden) used Sunpadow platinum 8000mAh competition lithium battery as power, and strongly won the champion and runner-up of the 1/10 electric touring car Stock project, once again confirmed the superior performance of the "domestic products" brand products.

Core technology determines product quality, and product quality achieves brand height. Sunpadow brand understands the importance of the core technology of its products, and spares no effort to promote the improvement of the quality of lithium battery products. On the one hand, it cooperates with the world's top drivers such as Bruno Coelho to assist in the development, testing and improvement of lithium-ion battery products; on the other hand, it continues to conduct technical exchanges with the research laboratories of domestic universities and colleges, and hires domestic and foreign senior vehicle model power experts as a product application technical consultant, providing a full range of application technical support for product research and development.

Today, the competition-level model power lithium battery cell technology independently developed by Sunpadow has reached the international industry leading level. The series of products launched by Sunpadow lithium battery can meet the needs of different competitions and venues in terms of power, with low internal resistance. , High magnification, light weight, large capacity and other superior product quality and performance, help the players to pass through all the way.