Sunpadow Launches First Slim Battery In Platin Series

Sunpadow announced that its platin series has ushered in a new member, the new ultra-narrow battery (Slim Pack) 5200mAh. This creative product breaks through the shape of the traditional strip battery, narrowing the width to only 36mm, which is a reduction of 24% compared to the standard 47mm width, and the weight is as low as 246 grams. This change reflects the development trend of customized lithium-ion batteries for remote control vehicle models to serve the frame in the future.

After repeated comparison tests by several international top drivers, the "SlimPack 5200mAh" battery will significantly help the balance and handling of the new mid-motor vehicle at high speeds. We believe that this aggressive result of the Sunpadow team will bring a brand new control experience to electric motorhome racers!