Sunpadow Lithium Battery Won The World Championship Again

The biennial 2019 World Vehicle Model Championship (1/10 electric off-road vehicle) was held in Slovakia on September 14-21. Portuguese player Bruno Coelho used the Chinese brand Sunpadow lithium battery as the power to win the world championship of the four-wheel drive project.This is the third world champion of vehicle models won by Sunpadow lithium battery after winning the double crown in the 2018 World Vehicle Model Championship (1/10 electric motorhome).

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1/10 electric off-road vehicle two-wheel drive project
4th place: Portuguese player Bruno Coelho
7th place: Czech Martin Bayer
Youth Championship: Norwegian Daniel Kobbevik

1/10 electric off-road vehicle four-wheel drive project
Champion: Portuguese player Bruno Coelho
4th place: Norwegian Daniel Kobbevik
6th place: Italian player Marco Baruffolo
Youth Championship: Norwegian Daniel Kobbevik